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    How can I configure my vCenter server 6.0 to send snmp trap with version v2c ?


    I do the pcap when vCenter send alarm. The snmp trap send with snmp version version-1.


    Dose vCenter server 6.0 support this?

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    I am running an ESXI on a desktop computer with 2 VMs. My windows 10 VM is used for recording and monitoring my 2 police scanners using proscan software. I am having trouble getting the VM to recognize my serial to USB cables. The software will usually see them and show the (virtual) com ports as available, but not properly detect my scanner or say the baud rate is incorrect. Does anyone know some other things I can try to get these to work? I am also having an issue getting a USB sound card to be detected. not sure if that is also related.


    Thanks for the help!

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    Usually if there is a quiesce failure the restore point would be crash consistent. Else they appear as app consistent.

    Should not be an issue if this is a non DB hosted VM.


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    Hi There,


    what version of vdp when you say 6.1? There are many releases of 6.1 and VC 6.5 supports VDP 6.1.4 only.


    Translating with google translate:

    Qual versão do vdp quando você diz 6.1? Existem vários lançamentos de 6.1 e VC 6.5 só suporta o VDP 6.1.4


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    The VirtualBox creators and user community has been successful on enabling SATA and USB 3.0

    support for Windows XP guests.

    Are these two supports in any way also possible (vmware natively or not) in case of Fusion hypervisor ?

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    I'm running VMWare Player 7.1.4 because this is the last version to support Unity with Linux guests. (


    My host is currently Debian 8 (Jessie) with Kernel and everything works very nicely!


    Debian 9 was recently released and defaults to Kernel 4.9. I know that the modules for network support, etc. must have their code patched to properly build with the newer Kernel and newer GCC.


    I'm sure that others must be using Player 7/Workstation 10 to keep Unity Support. Any info on getting this working with newer kernels would be much appreciated!


    P.S. I found a patch put out by Arch Linux ( designed for VMWare Workstation and I suspect part of the answer is there.


    Thanks much!



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    I guess you refer to PowerShellRemotePSObject.getXml() function.  If that is the case there are few utility classes comming with the plugin wich can help you to work wit result from powershell plugin.


    There is sample workflow demonstrating how to extract values from  .ps script output distributed with the plugin itself  "Library/PowerShell/Samples/List directory content"    

    I usually use getXml()/getJson methods to get general knowledge of the structure of the returned result (what kind of objects are returned arrays,maps,simple types, complex objects and available properties ) .  This info can also be found by looking at power-shell help .


    Once I know what kind of objects are returned by the script you can use PowerShellRemotePSObject.getRootObject() and

    a) if it is an array than the call to PowerShellRemotePSObject.getRootObject() will return javascript  Array object and you can process it as normal js array

    b) if it is simple type (string/int ..) it is mapped to js simple type

    c) if it is a complex object then use .getProperty() to access particular object properties



    vSphere 5.5 Documentation Center



    If you post some example xml  returned I can provide some examples for extracting values from it.

    Hope it helps!

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    Answer to the bonus question:

    You can also set scaling for the CentOS 7 KDE using xrandr.



    xrandr --output Virtual1 --scale 0.75x0.75


    To put it back to default scaling

    xrandr --output Virtual1 --scale 1x1


    One thing I found if I use


    xrandr --size 1600x900


    to set the screen resolution (after the xrandr --newmode and --addmode) is that sometimes (not all the time), the fonts became bigger (for example the Konsole fonts, the Display Config app buttons became bigger).

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    I am hosting WS on Mint and just use Simple Screen Recorder to make videos.



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    Here are the log files.







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    Hi ITaaP,


    I tried with the script you provided, but I got below given error message, I could not able to under what was that error for.


    Import-Csv : Cannot bind parameter 'Delimiter'. Cannot convert value "server"

    to type "System.Char". Error: "String must be exactly one character long."

    At C:\Users\Myself\Desktop\esxi server unknown\ADserviceACadd.ps1:3 char:51

    + $hosts = Import-CSV C:\Users\Myself\Desktop\esxi server unknown\vmho ...

    +                                                   ~~~~~~

        + CategoryInfo          : InvalidArgument: (:) [Import-Csv], ParameterBind


        + FullyQualifiedErrorId : CannotConvertArgumentNoMessage,Microsoft.PowerSh



    Not sure if I edited the lines correctly. I added my hosts in .nfs file.


    connect-VIServer -Server vcenter01

    $hosts = Import-CSV C:\Users\Myself\Desktop\esxi server unknown\vmhosts.nfs

    foreach ($vmhost in $hosts){
    write-host Doing $vmhost.vmHost
    $x = Get-VMHost -Name $vmhost.vmHost | New-VIPermission -Role Admin - Principal\ServiceAccount
    write-hosts $x

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    I am trying to configure the VRA Management Pack with VRops. I downloaded the management pack as a zip file( But when i am trying to add the solution in vrops, i cannot find the ".pak" file.

    below is the url from where i downloaded the zip file. Please help.




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  • 06/24/17--08:19: CPU Spikes
  • I have a 16 VCPU server running 6.5. For ease of explanation, I have 16 VMs with 1 VCPU assigned to each. When monitoring the system as a whole, I see random spikes where just 1 or 2 VCPUs will spike to 100%. All of the rest are stable at the time when this happens. Should this be a concern. And while we are on the subject... Is 1 VCPU assigned specifically to 1 VM, or do all VCPUs share the load for the system as a whole. I.E., if VM A is idle and it's VCPU is at 0% usage, and VM B's VCPU is maxed out, will VM A's VCPU pitch in and help?

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    Attaching also sample workflow demonstrating how to parse:


    • Single string output
    • Array of numbers
    • Array of complex objects

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    No, not possible to have USB 3.0 support for Windows XP.


    The lowest possible WIndows guest OS that has USB 3.0 support is Windows 7.


    As for SATA support, I don't know. But I am wondering why it would matter?


    The guest OS does not see the host OS hardware, so unlike with a USB external device that you can directly connect to the guest OS, why would you want to have SATA support within Windows XP?




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    I'd like to set the kind of backup (quiescence or not quiescence) for my vm  backup.

    For default behaviour, VDP makes application consistent backup and if It fails, it can fall back to non quiescence backup.

    How can I understand because quiescence fails?!

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    Did someone find a solution for this? I am having the same issue on a Windows 10 x64 running VMware Workstation 12 version 12.5.7.

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    Did someone find a solution for this? I am having the same issue on a Windows 10 x64 running VMware Workstation 12 version 12.5.7.

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  • 06/24/17--08:22: Re: READ THE vRO output
  • For simple type you can extract them from the output and provide them as input on following actions.


    Attaching sample workflow demonstrating how to extract output of type :

    • string
    • array of numbers
    • array of complex objects



    Take a look also at sample workflow distributed with the plugin "Library/PowerShell/Samples/List directory content"

    Also there is chapter in official  doc with some example here vSphere 5.5 Documentation Center  and here Examples of Scripts for Common PowerShell Tasks


    For providing complex type object between vRO actions all scrpts must be executed in in same PowerShell  session and  PowerShellRemotePSObject" must be used as input type in receiving action.

    There is more complex example for providing result  from one ps script to following using PowerShellRemotePSObject  distributed with the plugin (see "Library/Powershell/Samples/Pipeline execution example")

    Let me know if you need further details/examples

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    You have spaces in your file path. Add quotes so it is read correctly.


    "C:\Users\Myself\Desktop\esxi server unknown\vmhosts.nfs"

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